Technology Access Alleviates Difficulties in Learning Intonation System for Iraqi EFL Students

Hayder Kubashi Barih


Technology access is very important in assisting students through their daily lives, especially with learning. In this paper, the researcher aims to investigate whether appropriate technology access could alleviates the difficulties of learning intonations system specifically in tonality, tonicity and tones for Iraqi EFL students at the University of Thi-Qar. The research method conducted was qualitative by adapting Halliday’s Approach that adapts two main instruments which uses diary reports and field-notes whilst interviews and group discussions were exploited as secondary data for the analysis and discussion of the qualitative data. This study focuses on 40 undergraduate third year students from English Department in the Faculty of Education at Thi-Qar University that have already taken two courses regarding English pronunciation and have some knowledge about English intonation. Results shown that with appropriate and decent technology access such as internet access and conducive equipment (PC and headphones) helps in improving and alleviating the difficulties in learning the intonations system.

Volume: 10 | Issue: 11

Pages: 436-443

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