Supply Chain Management Practices and Its Role in Achieving Competitive Advantage An Analytical Study of the Views of a Sample of Texture Factory Managers in Iraq Nasiriya

Mahmood Fahad Abd Ali, Asahaq Naser Hussain and Abbas Gatea Atiyah


The theme of managing the supply chain has become very important by researchers in the field of operations management and marketing management in all theoretical and applied fields. Which led to the need to develop successful practices for supply chain and complementary to the organizations strategy in order to achieve competitive advantage. The study used the analytical descriptive approach as a method to study the problem under study. due to the limited study society, it consists of (65) managers in different administrative units of the managers of divisions and units, The present study included all members of the community, A total of (45) valid questionnaires were obtained for statistical analysis, In order to process the data, a set of statistical methods was used in the statistical program (SPSS.v.18). The research has been based on a set of conclusions importantly, the supply chain is part of the value chain that deals with key activities as well as the impact of practices chain practices in competitive advantage. A number of recommendations have been made, most importantly, the need to build long-term relationships with suppliersand the trend towards establishing partnerships as well as the need to adopt competitive standards by the management of the factory in the selection of processors (cost, quality, responsiveness and delivery speed).

Volume: 10 | Issue: 11

Pages: 444-454

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