Evaluating Iraqi Experience Application to Manage the E-Government Project and Compare it with the Experiences of other Countries Case Study

Ahmed Nashaat Shakir, Zubaidah Abdulhakeem Majeed and Adnan Taleb Bakhtiar


This paper highlights on a number of Arab and international cities’ experiments in E-Government area and extract various studies that can be useful in other Arab cities’ projects. E-Government projects was reviewed as a comparison Dubai and Oman with Iraq. Clearly, there is a great similarity in the difficulties and obstacles faced by the three cities in implementing their projects. The information and communication revolution are accessible and it is not so this feature is distinguished from the industrial revolution and this is big to Arab cities that could not form the changing features in an industrial revolution, where cities can now use the information and communication technical for updating themselves.

Volume: 10 | Issue: 11

Pages: 461-471

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