Information Credibility Analysis of Social Media�s Smart User Generated Content Using Artificial Intelligence

Prabha Kiran,Dr. Abhishek Srivastava and Dr.S. Vasantha


Audience engagement and their credibility is the most precise activity which has been often observed in Social media. The paper attempts to study the User generated content used for analyzing credibility of information on social media. The paper also proposes a new model for information credibility analysis of the smart user generated content and measure smart user content using multiple dimensions with social media users perspective reflected. Survey was conducted using structured questionnaire and analysis was done using SPSS Amos 20. In this paper, it has been observed that Artificial Intelligence is the most promising ingredient required to prepare a Smart User Generated Content System. The model developed was found to be a perfect fit and explained the dimensions of measuring information credibility in detail. Artificial Intelligence does play an important role in generation of smart user generated content on social media. The study focuses on credibility of information on social media of smart user generated content that can have a strong influence on their purchasing decisions. The study is first of its kind that highlights the importance of Artificial Intelligence in Social media and its impact on consumers purchasing decisions.

Issue: 07-Management Studies

Year: 2017

Pages: 254-259

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