Volume 11, 01-Special Issue

Labview based Brick Laying Robot

S. Sundara Mahalingam, S. Arockiaraj, V.P. Gowtham Kumar and Dr.B.V. Manikandan

Pages: 255-260

Application of Queuing Theory in Textiles Shop

G. Aishwarya and K. Selvakumari

Pages: 261-265

A Method for Fuzzy Soft Sets in Product Marketing Problem Using Grey Method

S. Sandhiya and K. Selvakumari

Pages: 266-270

Solving Fuzzy Transportation Problem Using Ranking Approach with Fuzzy Costs

S. Sathya Geetha and K. Selvakumari

Pages: 271-275

Neuro Developmental Disorder Prediction from MRI Image Analysis for Various Age Groups

B.J. Bipin Nair, N.V. Sreerag and C.R. Abhimanyu

Pages: 276-282

Integrated Coordination Inventory Model for Buyer – Vendor Using Lagrange Multiplier Technique

M.K. Vediappan, M. Ravithammal and P. Muniappan

Pages: 283-287

Centralized Production Inventory Model for Buyer – Vendor with Quantity Discount for Fixed Life Time Products

M. Babu, M. Ravithammal and Muniappan

Pages: 288-291

The Minimum Laplacian Efficient Dominating Energy

S. Meenakshi and S. Lavanya

Pages: 292-299

Cloud based Agricultural Cultivation and Cost Management System

T. Jenitha, B.T. Kylash Perumal and R. Praveen

Pages: 300-303

Analysis of Magnetic Treatment Water Usage in concrete

E. Prabakaran and Jessy Rooby

Pages: 304-312

Metaphorical Compliments in the Performance of Iraqi Arabic Speakers

J. Mazin Al Hilu

Pages: 313-326

The Relationship between Service Quality, Satisfaction, Trust and Customer Loyalty A Study of Convenience Stores in Vietnam

Dam Tri Cuong and Bui Huy Khoi

Pages: 327-333

Thesaurus of Organisation Commitment in Private Hospitals in Chennai City

Dr.P. Libia

Pages: 334-337

A Study on the Employees Level of Satisfaction of Welfare Measures in IT Sector With Special reference to Chennai City

K. Ramya and Dr.S. Subramanian

Pages: 338-344

Customer Satisfaction & Loyalty towards Corporate Rebranding Changes in Name, Logo and Slogan

H. Pushpalatha and Dr.M. Chandran

Pages: 345-349

Effect of Employees Participation in Decision Making on productivity of Organisation a Study with Reference to Manufacturing Companies

P. Priya and Dr.M. Chandran

Pages: 350-354

Relationship between Level of Pro BNP Terminal N and Ischemic Heart Disease Clinical and Angiographic Evaluation

Ahmed Basheer, Hussain Nasir and Hilal Al Saffar

Pages: 355-367

Yamut Bal Kingdom a Historical Study in the Political and Cultural Nature (1834 – 1763) B.C

Majid Mushir Al Khatawi

Pages: 368-381

Vocal Tract Shape Estimation for Telugu Vowels

R.Ashok Kumar Reddy, M.N. Giri Prasad and G.N. Kodanda Ramaiah

Pages: 382-396

Image Generation by Using K-means Clustering Technique

Clustering Technique Mariam A. Ali

Pages: 397-401

Efficient Clean-Up of Fuel for Diesel Engines of Cars

Eduard I. Udler, Sergey A. Zykov, Dmitrii V. Halturin and Tatiana A. Gotovtseva

Pages: 402-420

Radio-Frequency Method for Diagnostics Of Aeronautical Polymer Composite Materials

German V. Dmitrienko, Aleksandr A. Fedorov and Georgy L. Rivin

Pages: 421-430

Influence of Friction Pressure at a Given Burn-off Length on the Mechanical and Micro Structural Properties of Welded Joints From Medium-Carbon Alloyed Steels in Rotary Friction Welding

Elena Priymak, Nadezhda Firsova, Elena Bashirova, Svetlana Sergienko, Elena Kuzmina and Artem Atamashkin

Pages: 431-437

The Prevention of Pollution of the Arctic Zone of the Russian Federation

R.I. Hardikova, O.A. Fedorova, Shironina A. Yu and A.V. Malaeva

Pages: 438-445

Hybrid Method for the Detection of Brain Tumor Image Using Improving K-Mean and Hybrid Multilevel Image Fusion

Lamyaa Fahem Katran and Hind Rustum Mohammad

Pages: 446-469

A New Method for Influential Users Detection Using Outlier Analysis

Hooman Hosseinipoor Khatibani and Eynollah Khanjari

Pages: 470-477

ELMS–DPU Ontology Visualization with Protégé VOWL and Web VOWL

Adel AL-Zebari, Subhi R.M. Zeebaree, Karwan Jacksi and Ali Selamat

Pages: 478-485

Observer Domination Number in Graphs

Ahmed A. Omran and Thaer Swadi

Pages: 486-495

Point Sources Recovering Problems for the One-Dimensional Heat Equation

S.G. Pyatkov ,E. I. Safonov

Pages: 496-510

Evolution of Project Management in Commercial Institutions

I.L. Litvinenko, E.M. Sokolova, M.G. Kriklivaya, A.S. Li and L.D. Kiyanova

Pages: 511-518